Base level 13in MacBook air for college

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    My 6 year old HP Envy 17 is dead. I need a new laptop for the next 2 1/2 yrs. my budget as a student isn't high so I'm considering the base level 2015 MacBook air, I can get it for $750 after education discount since its on sale from best buy. Would the 4gb memory , 128 gb be enough for me. I have a external hard drive some where around if needed. I'm an accounting and management major. I usually use my laptop to browse, homework, online research, write papers, take notes, and Netflix. I do like to open quite a number of tabs simultaneously. I also have an iPad air, I'm afraid I might hate the non retina since Im coming from that. I really want the MacBook pro with retina but is it worth it to really tight financially for that? I'm thinking when I get a full time job when I graduate, I ll upgrade it then, so this needs to last for maybe the next 2 years plus though, any advice?
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