Base model 15" + Vega56 egpu vs. Vega 20 15"


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Jan 10, 2017
So my question seems at first dump, but let me explain.

Situation is that I can get base model 15" for 2649€. Only issue with this one for me is the storage. If I would opt to order it from straight from Apple (Upgraded to 512gb SSD), the cost would be 3139€. Significantly more for SSD upgrade.

Now at that Price-point I considered just adding Vega 20 there. And because "Paying this much allready Why not to go with 32gb ram for "future-proofing"" (Pretty much falling victim to Apple's trap)

Now here's the thing. My "main" option is this:
-MBP 15"/16gb/256/555X (2649€)
-Razer Core X (300€, probably would try to find a used one. Or if you guys have any recommendations for cheaper one. Let me know)
-Vega 56 (399€)
-Samsung X5 512GB SSD TB-drive (300€)
Totaling: 3648€

Second option (Go full portable):
-MBP 15"/32gb/512gb/Vega 20

What i do with my computer:
Occasional Photo editing (Doesn't need GPU)
Occasional Mixing (Doesn't need GPU)
Really mostly i do multitasking on my laptop.

How big of an hassle is to use high-speed TB3 drive, vs. onboard MBP SSD? Mostly that is my concern when thinking about the cheaper MBP 15".

And ofcourse, the external eGPU will be used for occasional gaming. (Possibly via bootcamp). Vega 56 egpu blows onboard Vega 20 out of the water....


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Jun 3, 2008
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Thought a bit of a challenge, you can use an EGPU to drive the internal display. It just depends if you want the mobility.