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    Pardon my ignorance; I'm learning iCloud sort of on the fly. But I notice that if I upload a folder to my iCloud Drive via my Macbook, it will appear when I access iCloud Drive from the Favorites sidebar or from the browser on that computer (so far so good), but not when I access iCloud Drive from my Mini. I can see the folder from my Mini only when I access iCloud Drive through the web browser, and then I have to download the files within before I can open them on the Mini. Is that normal behavior, or is there some way to achieve equal iCloud functionality between two or more devices?

    And there appears to be no way to download a folder. I assume that's normal too?

    I may need a cloud program that acts more like a remote desktop....
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    iCloud Drive requires that both Macs be running OS X Yosemite, as well as be signed in with the same iCloud account. Verify that iCloud Drive is turned on in System Preferences on your Mini. Alternatively, sign out and back in iCloud on the Mini.

    Only the iWork compatible files in iCloud Drive will open within the browser in their respective web app. All other file types will download from No batch folder download is available, either.

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