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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by davisjw, Oct 26, 2011.

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    Greetings! I have a few basic Flash questions, which should be easy enough to answer for someone who routinely works in Flash.

    The situation: I need to edit a small Flash video on my company's internal website. The box is just blue with text that zooms in and at the bottom are three words: Vision Mission Values. Clicking one of the words zooms in more text, better explaining each of the words.

    The problem: The only files we have are .SWF. I tried opening it in Flash Professional (CS3), hoping I could just edit the text, but it didn't recognize it as an editable document.

    1. Am I trying to open it wrongs, and indeed there's a way to simply open it and edit it as though it was an regular file?

    2. Because it's an uneditable file, I can't figure out how to find what size it is pixel-wise. I tried looking at the webpage's source code but couldn't find it there either - any thoughts?

    3. I worked on recreating it last night using scenes so depending on which word I clicked, a new scene would occur thus enabling me the ability to show new information. Is that how you would do it?

    4. I ran into an issue when I turned the text into a button. I double clicked on the button to edit the "Up" "Down" etc options. When I clicked and dragged in the area with the small black dot in a square (where the scenes usually are at the top) to keep things uniform and simple, it made the text invisible. How do I fix that?

    5. (Finally - sorry for the questions): When I went to edit the button's Actions, I got a synthax error. An example code I used for the button labeled Mission was:

    on (release) {
    gotoAndStop ("Mission", 1);

    I did "AndStop" instead of "AndPlay" because I didn't care for there to be any additional animation.

    I did "Mission" instead of "Scene 2" because I renamed Scene 2 to Mission. But when I clicked on the button "Mission" it would either show the Mission scene for a split second and go back to Scene 1 (Home) OR it would just change the Scene to "Home" automatically. Then, on the scene I titled "Beliefs", when I hit "Beliefs" just to test it, it went to "Mission" even though it was coded for "Beliefs".

    Anyone have the answers to my questions or at least one answer? I spent 8 hours last night trying to figure out what should be a 30 minute job. And I know it's something easy and its starring me in the face but for the life of me I'm rather lost.

    Thanks for your help and time!! Sorry if I wrote this in a confusing way.. Let me know if you need a better description...
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    You are correct that an SWF is not editable.

    There are several SWF decompilers available that will transform an SWF back into a flash file that you can find in a google search, but it may be more work than it is worth.

    It's in there... look in the embed code. The HTML file defines the final output size of an embedded flash file.

    You certainly can, but I would simply separate the animations on a single timeline as you will find them easier to target via actionscript. While flash has the concept of scenes, SWF actually do not. When you compile your flash movie the data is stored in a linear frame array.

    First of all, make sure that your file is set to compile into Actionscript 2 not AS3. The code you have above is AS2 and will not compile in an as3 file.

    Secondly, you may want to give your button an instance name and specify which button to connect the event to:

    yourbuttontitle.onPress = function(){

    as i mentioned before, I would simply jump to a frame number or frame label, but your code looks fine for scenes.

    I don't do much (any) flash work anymore, and I was a flexbuilder/AS3 guy, but the above should work.
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    Run away! Flash is ebil.

    OK, serious now... Your missing text might be a font embed issue. I'm not sure how CS3 is setup but in CS5.5 there is an embed button in the info box. If you click on it and embed the font you are using it might help. It took me several days to figure out that the missing text was due to this.

    Now I just need to figure out how to work around the gotoAndStop bug where Flash temporarily loses its references. =/
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    Why would you burden your users with the need for Flash in order to display three words?

    (Yes, I realize this is probably not your decision...)

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