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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by hdsalinas, Jan 7, 2007.

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    I have been a mac user for a couple of weeks and have been a bit frustrated with the way the macos handles pictures.

    1) The basic preview application is great and all but I when I open in Finder a folder full of pictures and then select any image I cant go to the next or previous image from there. I have to go back to the folder and select a different image. I know that I can drag all the image to the Preview app and they are placed on the drawer but in this case I think that Windows image preview app works better. Is here a diferent way that I dont know of to open all the images at once from a specific folder?

    Dont get me wrong, I think that Preview is a great applications with tons of neat features and more powerful than the windows simple image viewer

    2) In Safari there is no option to save an image to a folder only to the desktop. Yes I can drag the image to the older I want but I may prefer not to have the folder open at all times.
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    Highlight the pictures in the Finder, right-click (control click) and click on Slideshow. You'll get full-size images, the ability to go forwards/backwards, the ability to view an index-sheet, be able to add them to iPhoto

    So far as the second question goes, drag the image over your Macintosh HD on the desktop and it will open a window with springloaded folders so you can navigate to the folder you want.
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    1) If you want to view a slideshow, you can right (control) click any image in a folder and select "Slideshow" - from there you can scroll through the images in that folder using the slideshow controls.

    2) If you click and drag the image from safari and hover it over a folder (or your HD), that folder will "spring" open; if you continue to do this you can eventually get to the folder where you want to drop the image, all without ever opening a folder.

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    If springloading takes a bit of a while for you, then tap space bar to have the folder open instantly! I love that shortcut.
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    I know you specified Safari but you're probably better off using Firefox if that feature is important to you, which I did when I had my Mac Mini. The lack of "Save Image As..." is either a gross oversight or a dumb decision IMHO. But, otherwise I liked Safari :p

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