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Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by numediaman, Mar 28, 2005.

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    Jan 5, 2004
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    I've had this problem ever since moving over to OS X and I'm confused as to whether this is an OS issue or a printer issue. Here it is:

    In OS 9, using my Epson 960, I would be able to print in Photoshop perfectly centered documents. The default setting was "centered" and when I printed something on one side, and then flipped the paper over, the other side would print out perfectly aligned with the previous side.

    But in OS X, I struggle to get centered documents. I have to override the print dialogue box by deselecting "center" and manually calculating what the correct margins should be, then compensating for the fact the margin settings never come out at their correct setting.

    My question: is this a printer issue (that is, printer software) or an OS issue?
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    Aug 26, 2004
    Are you setting the printer up in Photoshop by clicking Page Setup and then from Setting option selecting Custom Paper Size. From here entering all the measurements for the paper that you are wishing to print on and then saving the custom paper size. You can also save the custom page size as default.

    Once this is set just selecting the custom page should allow you to print how you wish.

    If this does not work then try removing the driver and reinstalling it and see if this corrects your problem. Also check to see if you have the latest version. Click here

    After reading the driver information on the link above it appears that Epson only states compatibility with OS X V10.1.3 to v10.2.5. so this could be a driver issue - but Epson does not support anything beyond OS X v10.2.5 for your printer.

    Epson EasyPrint v210 which is supported up to OS X v10.3.4. Try adjusting your printer settings with this.
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    Jan 5, 2004
    Chicago (by way of SF)
    simie, one of your suggestions is the correct solution.

    I have updated drivers, so that isn't it. It's the default settings that are in the OSX version of the Epson set up and are different than the OS 9 default settings.

    The solution is to create a customer "Letter" paper size that has 0" margins.

    I'm afraid I am so used to OS ? to 9.2 that it still takes me a while to figure solutions within OSX.

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