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    Feb 26, 2009
    Dear all, I am considering buying an iPhone 4 in the next days/weeks.

    For info, I am not willing to wait September: I intend to use the phone intensively in the next months; currently I only have a small "dumb phone".

    There are a few things I would like to have clarified:

    1) Instant messaging / chat

    Do I get notification of Facebook updates? New emails? New chat (Google account)? Or do I need to open an application for each to see if something arrived?

    Can I leave this application running? will people see me online?

    2) email

    Can I add several email accounts? (gmail) to the mail application on the iPhone?

    3) calendars
    On my Mac, I have my main calendars in iCal, but I also can see ("delegates") the google calendars of my colleagues. In iCal, this long list of calendars is nice to have: I can easily toggle the display, change the color, etc.
    Is this possible on the calendar of the iPhone?

    4) Skype
    When at home, on my wireless, can I use Skype or Google Audio/Video chat on the iPhone?

    Thanks a lot!

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