Basic Slap Jack for the iPad

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    Basic Slap Jack has been officially released and is available on the iTunes App Store for FREE. Slapjack, also known as slaps, is an exciting, fast paced card game that varies from the norm by requiring fast reflexes rather than savvy card playing. It is also very suitable for children of any age. The object of Slapjack is to collect all the cards by being the first person to slap the Jack each time it appears. It is that simple.

    Slap Jack is sometimes referred to as Heart Attack and is related to other slap games like Egyptian Rat Screw. So if you enjoy playing card games, grab Basic Slap Jack and have all the fun without the worry of keeping up with a deck of cards!

    Features include:
    * HD Images that are optimized for Retina Displays including the new iPad
    * Solo or Multi-player modes up to 4 players
    * 3 difficulty levels for solo play.
    * Fun sounds that you can enable/disable
    * Appropriate for the whole family to enjoy

    Download from the App Store!!!



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