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Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by creeval, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. creeval macrumors newbie

    Jul 25, 2008
    I am fairly new to encoding DVD's for my ATV2 and am just using the "Apple TV" preset in Handbrake as I haven't had any issues in doing so. When I go to use Subler with my .m4v file I am stumped on why only the Video Track and Stereo AAC track are checked off and not the Surround AC-3 track that most people would want to use for their ATV2. I guess what I'm looking for is what do the check boxes actually mean in simple terms and will ATV2 still use the AC-3 track with it not being checked and what does it affect by checking both Stereo and Surround as I haven't seen anything by doing that but I am just doing basic tagging so maybe it is in fact the wrong thing to do but I am just too new to see what it affected. Also if I use the nightly builds of Handbrake like a lot of people recommend I see people use the ATV2 preset instead of the "Apple TV" one and am wondering if it is a better picture and how different in size the files are between the two. Thanks for the help in better understanding these awesome tools.
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    When I tag using Subler, I ignore the audio portion. Remember, Subler is only a tagging app and has no bearing on audio/video performance or what has been encoded during your rip.

    As for Handbrake, I would use the nightly build (or the new 0.9.5 release). There are subtle differences between the "Apple TV" and "Apple TV 2" presets. However, the subtle differences you'll find under the "Apple TV 2" preset are more conducive to streaming content.
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    Leave the audio tracks alone; Handbrake organizes them exactly like Apple does in iTunes. As for the preset differences, the AppleTV2 preset increases the width to 1280 and uses peak framerate of 29.97. It also takes advantage of some advanced encoding features in x264 to create smaller files.
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    Thanks guys I appreciate all of the input on better understanding everything.


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