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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Toby Goodbar, Sep 17, 2009.

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    Probly best answered by someone who owns one... but anyway...

    i would like to know if

    Time capsule can be used AS an external hard drive?

    Are the transfer speeds via ethernet comparable to the transfer speeds of an external usb?

    Do you have any alternate solutions for my needs?(see below)

    currently i have a 500gb external that serves as my media drive. movies, my ripped tv season dvds itunes library, etc. it has recently filled up. i like to keep copies of my dvds on disk because i don't have to get up and change disks etc, i can just use my iphone as a remote or jump on the keyboard, as my powermac is has a tv connected to it in addition to the monitors.

    i have a crappy quality belkin router that needs replacing anyway. missing alot of basic options the menu....

    I don't want to lose the (assumed) access speeds to watch a movie or stream my shared library to another computer in the house, which is my concern with offloading y growing collection to wireless hard drive. if you notice my tag, i have a powermac quicksilver so N1 speeds are not an option for me i don't think. But as i plan on possibly purchasing a newer new to me macbook it would be great to have. i want to be able to give any computer on my home network the ability to grab a movie and watch it. so it made sense initially to have it built in to the router and with the 1 or 2 TB option i mean it sounds great.

    the way i see it, if i have to stream the data from my external through my powermac to the router to the receiving computer its GOT to be slow and going to be jerky. I just don't want to lose the usb speed of a direct connect for my main computer (the powermac).
    i also like the idea of not having to lug my external around when i travel. i could just access my time capsule over the internet and watch or listen from it.

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    yes it can be used as an external drive after youve completed a backup. it will appear in Finder under Shared.

    using an ethernet cable is much faster than USB at gigabit speeds (~125 megabytes per sec) if your QuickSilver has a gigabit ethernet port & around the same speed as Firewire 800.

    if your belkin is a modem as well you can just disable the DHCP and use the Time Capsule as a router which will deliver gigabit networking to your LAN.

    if you want to access your Time Machine away from home check this thread

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