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Discussion in 'iPad' started by Racineur, Oct 23, 2015.

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    Hello again, I will soon receive my new iPad Air 2, my very first iPad ever. Been with Android for tablet and phone. I'm searching all the right infos so I will use the iPad out of the box but most of the basic information I can find dates back to 2011, 2012 and it's confusing. So maybe someone will point me to the right answers or give me clues: how to sync Contacts and Calendar events between my iMac and my iPad. Will I be able to synch those with my Android Phone. Right now, I'm using my Gmail account to sync iMac, Galaxy Tab and HTC phone. I would like to get rid of the Gmail account and use my provider's account. What is the function of iTunes here? Apps can be dowloaded from App Store so what is there with iTunes? Guess what, I'm a little nervous to take a step towards full integration with Apple, cause I know next I will want an iPhone!
    Thanks for your cues.
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    Depending with what your provider uses, you can sync all your contacts, calendars and email (I use iCloud). It will sync with all your Apple products (provided they are in the latest software).

    iTunes is used to buy apps, music media on the Mac (there is an App Store on the Mac but it is for Mac apps). It is used for music/videos on an iPad. All iOS devices have an App Store to download your apps.

    It is all very simple. I would suggest going to a place where you can play with an iPad and get familiar with it.
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    To educate yourself, you'll want to be searching for iOS 9 and iCloud. The way you sync everything is with iCloud. You simply type your iCloud username and password into each device and the same information shows up on all the devices. That's the nice thing about Apple; the tight integration. You can use the following app to move from Android to iPhone
    But if you already have all your android info on your iMac, then you just need to make sure your iMac is signed in to iCloud and then sign in to the same account on your iPad and all the info will transfer over.
    Also, I wouldn't use your internet providers email address because you will eventually move away from that provider. Stick with Gmail.

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