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Mar 21, 2012
Hi there!
Today I tried converting my mkv videos to a format I can import in iTunes and then sync and playback on my iPad.
Everything works fine if I convert every file one by one with Subler to the m4v format.

Since that would be a lot of work (I have dozens of videos) I tried the Subler queue window.
I dragged all my mkvs in the queue and hit the start button. The resuls were all mp4 files, which cannot be used in iTunes... :mad:

Sadly I couldn't find any setting in Subler which default file format to use (I need m4v instead of mp4!).
Is there any way to do this?



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Oct 24, 2011
I'm in the same boat! My deepest gratitude to who can advise how to do this!


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Mar 30, 2012
He is right...

What happens if you rename the .mp4 to .m4v?

Yep, I suppose that should work.

On other matters...
Do you guys happen to have the same problem as me?
I convert the videos to m4v or mp4 (doesn't matter) and they got a weird background sound (ptssssssssssssssss).

The strange thing is that the sound only comes when played either by iTunes or QuickTime but not with VLC (the most awesome player ever)

Any ideas?
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