OS X Batman: Arkham City with Mavericks?

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by kingtj, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Anyone out there try running the "Game of the Year" edition of Batman: Arkham City on a machine with the OS X Mavericks GM yet?

    I tried it on a 2008 Mac Pro tower using a Radeon 6870 graphics card, and it was odd. The first time I ran it, I got it to run full screen on one of my 2 displays in the 1600x1024 resolution mode - but after 10 minutes or gameplay or so? The screen suddenly went black. I could still hear the background sounds and tell the game was running, but no more video.

    I had to force-quit out of it to exit. Ever since then, I haven't been able to get it to run full-screen at all. It just plays the intro screens as it starts up and then goes to a black screen instead of the main menu.

    If I tell it to run in a Window specifically, then it seems to work just fine -- but only in a small window. (No matter what screen resolution I select, it doesn't seem to make the window it uses larger or smaller? I'd say it looks like maybe it's using something like 800x600 resolution, judging by the window size.)

    I checked to see if any update patches existed, but so far apparently not for this one. I'm on version 1.0 and that's all they have for it from Feral.
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    The Mavericks GM is not final and is not available to customers yet so you must be a developer. ;) As you know the GM seed might not end up being final it's just the first pass at a GM :)

    However your issue sounds like an issue with your installation of Mavericks, your user library or your save games as the game has been tested quite a lot by Feral, AMD and Apple during development of Mavericks and we have not seen any issues that are game related so far. We have seen some bugs in the OS drivers but that is to be expected given the none final state of a beta OS. However I have passed your hardware details over to the QA team just in case something has appeared last minute.

    Hopefully all the major issues with the OS will be ironed out before release but their remains a possibility of driver bugs and issues especially in the .0 release of any new OS.

    We do have a patch planned to add in more support for gamepads etc but at the moment we don't know of any Mavericks specific issues that will need fixing.

    That all said I would alway caution against upgrading to a new OS on launch day (and especially against installing GM seed builds) if you want your Mac to behave perfectly with all your applications. Often it takes until the first or sometimes second OS update (and perhaps in rare cases an application patch) before the stability is at the level of the previous OS.

    I have seen this happen with every OS I have used from OS X to Windows to Linux. x.0 releases often have loads of nice new features but also a few bugs that take a couple of patches to get fixed.


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