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Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by Washac, Jul 19, 2016.

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    yes i was going to create this thread but you beat me to it by a few minutes. i am a telltale game fan , i like the walking dead series and some other telltale games like the wolf among us etc etc etc. i must admit when i saw the trailer , the game look very interesting , i think is going to be a good game , and is going to be available for mac os. so this is a game we can play in os , the only thing like with all telltale games we have to wait for the episodes or chapters , i like when all 5 chapters are out so i can play from beginning to end without having to wait till they release the next part , most likely this will be the first game i play in sierra. can't wait for sierra can't wait for the game
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    If this is more linear plotlines and quick-time events, I'll be passing as usual.
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    I enjoy the Telltale games far more for the story than the gameplay. I still think their story for the Walking Dead game was better than the show in many respects. Still need to start up The Wolf Among Us, and I recently picked up the Game of Thrones game on PC.
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    exactly the stories are good i finished the TWAU. don't worry i won't give you spoliers. but you are going to have fun after you finish the game. trust me you are going to think a lot about the game plot when you finish the game you will know why i said this. i also had back to the future and jurassic park the video game but i deleted them by mistake so i need to redownload them. i got to the last episode of michone and i forgot to backup the game save file and after i made a clean installation of EC then i remember about the save file , so i have to start all over again , i finished TWD1 and got to the 3rd or 4th episode of TWD2 the one with clementine , but i agree with you i really like the stories more than the gameplay but in TWD2 the action was better, faster. you have to make fast decisions which it made the game play better. this batman game look interesting at least it doesn't have all the bugs like the pc version of arkham night. so i rather have a game that i can play. that a nice looking game full of bugs that just crash just like windows BSOD.
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    May 27, 2016
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    I thought the Game of Thrones game was fairly well made. Haven't finished the Walking Dead one but looked good.

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