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    I have really started using the wireless iTTL (Nikon CLS) and found out quickly that it ate batteries faster than the energizer bunny after a bob marley concert:D. So i have decided to invest in some high quality rechargeable AA batteries.

    Want at least 8 for the SB-600(takes 4 at a time)

    Want 6 for the AA battery grip for the D200

    and i am going to buy another SB-600 so i dont have to carry my crappy, heavy $300 3-light kit with me whenever i want to shoot with multiple light sources.

    any strobists out there have a particular brand that works well?

    also while the thread is out there:

    can i just stick with the CLS or is it really worth investing in pocket wizards or a similar thing (I would buy one of these)
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    People on the big photo boards love Sterlingtek
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    for batteries, i picked up the energizer 15-minute charger. i'd have to look what type of batteries they are. i got energizer b/c the charger came with a car charger cord too, so if i'm on the road i can plut it into my cigarette lighter. i think for the 15-minute charge batteries you can use different brands of batteries/chargers. so maybe get a few different brands and find out which ones last the longest.

    as for wireless triggers, this is what i've found from my research:

    the nikon/canon wirless (infrared) are decent, but they have to be line of sight. this can be anoying if you're moving around or doing some wide angle stuff and don't want the other flashes showing in the photo. i've also heard they don't have a good range, at least out doors.

    the cactus ebay triggers are fine for the money. they're not reliable, but they also don't cost much. most people get these to see if they'd like to get into wireless rf flashes.

    pocket wizard plus II are the best of any around. reliable, but also very expensive. i got to use a set this past week and they're just plug and go. they also have the furthest range of any out there.

    i've also looked into the elinchrom, they seem to be priced between the ebay and PW, but are also more reliable than the ebay triggers. one thing is you may need to get some extra cables depending on the flash you're using.
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    [I see you are in So. Cal. Go to Fry's. They sell 2400mah recharables in bulk paks. The brand name hardly matters the capasity is printed in the side of the battery and ranges from 1600 to 2400. Buy the 2400 milliamp hour type. You will need a few chargers too

    One problem is the batteries will self-discharge. You can't charge them and then keep them for weeks. You pretty much have to use them soon after you remove them from the charger. The alkalines on the other hand have a long shelf life but can't be re-charged. So keep some alkalines as backup. Frys has there in bulk packs too.

    I used to use little strobes and slaves too. I found I could buy a used studio system for cheap. Works so much better.

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