battery and 2012 MBP questions/ideas

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by shyam09, Feb 24, 2011.

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    Oct 31, 2010
    ok before you go all nutty on me this isnt a rumor thread.. that will be later when rumors seriously start to come out :)

    but for the battery difference between the 2010 model and 2011 model.. they are almost the same right?? since one did sort of a full test [2010] and the other did a wireless web test [2011]? that is sort of confusing me. if someone cares to explain a bit more and get rid of my confusion, much will be appreciated ;)

    also for the 2012 rumors, [please dont start a mega war right now, its too early] but you know how the latest rumor said that there is going to be a design change in 2012 for the MBP, maybe that's when they will include the SSD for the OS? just a thought [once again please dont launch this into a rumors thread.. its too early ;)]
    also for the rumors, maybe all the rumors we hve heard for the 2011 MBP is actually for the 2012 MBP?!?! LOL Rumors.
  2. lifeguard90 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 25, 2010
    Hey there, Ya I hear ya on the 2012. I was waiting and interested so much in the 2011 specs. I am happy with what was added internally. Quad core!! 1GB GPU memory very nice!!Turboboost 2.0 Thunderbolt, very nice, still once more products to adopt this tech appear, it will make more use. Overall, I'd take it over my 2008 original unibody 13" integrated gpu 256mb v-ram and dual core.

    Be happy with this upgrade, people have been calling for better GPU, quad cores etc. Lightpeak ( thunderbolt) made a earlier appearance than expected, plus a intel delay did not turn out to be much of anything.

    However, if i had the money to buy now, I still would not. Battery life did not improve, in fact it downgraded. Screen res for 13" ( which i would not get again) but regardless is still not on par with mba. No ssd boot for the OS. Thinner, lighter, somewhat different alteration of 2008 design aside from a few port openings is still yet to happen.

    All together, not complaining, great machine. Glad 3 big internals were added, now just waiting to see a physical change so we can distinguish differences from "next generation of notebooks" ( presumably will occur 2012 with Ivy Bridge) like we can in regards to Unibody vs White & Black macbooks/ Powerbooks. The unibody design will not change, just a more air like thinner wedge or something. Optical drive a BTO, ethernet port gone to trim down from the back as well? We'll see in a year or less. Either way, when the time comes I'll be quite happy to upgrade. Every 3-5 years, depending on the refresh changes. * of course $$ is a key player .

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