Battery Backup (long term)

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Gregintosh, Mar 23, 2012.

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    Hey everyone,

    I am looking for a way to deal with some frequent -- and lengthy -- power outages at one of my offices overseas (in the Philippines).

    The problem is that we are using PCs (not sure about the power supply, Ill have to crack one of them open to check) and we need to make sure that they last at least 4-6 hours after the power has been shut down.

    The battery backups I see available at retail typically give you 30-45 minutes of backup power and that just isn't enough.

    Are there any battery backups out there that are reasonably priced that would keep these computers on for 4-5 hours?

    I need to figure out an alternative to buying a $5,000 gas-powered generator to keep all 12 units online past these power outages (and the internet router too).

    The computers are used only for office work, so they shouldn't be running full blast or anything, but they will be used to make VoIP calls, Skype, and Microsoft Office.
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    Yeah, commercially speaking, small UPS units are sized to give you enough time to properly shut down. Large UPS units are sized to give you enough time for the generator to come online.

    If you really need the computers to last 4-6 hours during an outage, your best bet is to replace them with laptops. Otherwise, go with a generator and an emergency power distribution system (panelboards, circuits, etc.).
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    generator is the way to go. It'll be cheaper and more reliable in the in the long term, though realistically you'll need both. otherwise you'll have an outage while the generator comes online, unless the outages are predictable, in which case you can just turn it on right before them.
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    Most of the outages occurring in that area are predictable and announced in advance by the power company (luckily usually at least a day notice is given). Though the battery backup + generator solution is probably best long term, getting a generator purchased and setup will take months in the location I am in (where as a battery backup I can get in within a week).

    I am considering the laptop route, but those are easier to steal than big bulky desktop units. This may be something I may just have to take a chance on though.

    Anyone have any suggestions for specific battery backup units? Preferably ones that can last as long as possible. Something to help minimize the impact by power outages until a proper generator could be installed would be much appreciated.
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    Take a look at APC to get an idea of size of battery backup, and runtime based on load.

    If the link above actually works, it takes you to some of their more hardcore battery backups. To get even 500w of backup for 3 hours has a list cost of nearly $13,000. I don't know how many computers you are trying to power, but 4-6 hours of battery backup for an office of computers is going to cost a LOT of money. I'm sure there are cheaper options, but as others have said...the generator is the way to go if you need that much time.
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    If you want battery backup of 4-5 hours, you should change your PC with laptop. This is the best solution for it. Other go with a battery backup device.
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    If you want your office desktop units go on for another 4-6 hours after power outages, the generator should be in your plan
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