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Need to change the battery on a mid 2013 MacBook Air 6.2, model A1466. Will change this out myself as iFixit procedure is straight forward.
In the past I have purchased Ansanor branded batteries for PowerBook and MacBook Pro, and been highly satisfied. Cannot see they are available for the MBAir in question.
I don't want a cheap (and potentially very uncheerful brand) that will be unreliable, so don't mind paying a premium price for a good one. Can anyone recommend an after-market brand they have purchased for a MacBook Air and been pleased with. I plan to purchase from
I note that several different brands/sellers offer 12 warranty, but Egoway and Lenoge batteries both offer an 18month warranty. Any positive comments on these?


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Aug 27, 2012
Because am a number guy, recently I asked iFixit what their batteries are good for, how many charge cycles, they couldn't tell me. I bumped into another seller on the web, say to sell Samsung batteries, good for 500 cycles, at least they disclosed. My original Apple battery has pushed me over 1,000 cycles, I feel you get what you paid for.

IMHO, if u just want to keep this laptop for another 1-2 years take a chance on third-parties. If want to keep it longer than that, give the $ to Apple.


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Feb 12, 2017
I agree, Apple genuine batteries only. On a mid 2012 Air currently, changed the battery a few months ago and it runs like it's brand new, gave it a new life again.


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Jan 3, 2014
Silicon Valley, CA
I agree, Apple genuine batteries only. On a mid 2012 Air currently, changed the battery a few months ago and it runs like it's brand new, gave it a new life again.
Can you get those batteries or do you have to take it in to Apple?
Just realized my MacBook Air Mid 2011 is considered obsolete, no repair by Apple possible.
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Jul 20, 2018
I have to agree with the previous comments. Apple's batteries far the best for your buck. My MBA 2012 battery was replaced by Apple two years after due to my original battery was faulty and the replacement battery has been running on my MBA since 4 years and it still holds 75-77% charge. While I can get it running for another year I'd like to replace with a new Apple battery.

the question I have is that I have replaced my 128GB original SSD with an m2 SSD using a converter adapter. So I'm wondering if I take my MBA to Apple store for a new battery, would they replace my battery or refuse servicing due to non standard SSD on it?


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Sep 6, 2012
I just replaced my battery for my Macbook air 13" 2012 and I bought this on Amazon 2 weeks ago."

so far so good, i dont know how long the battery lasts, but according to battery monitor app, it shows 5 hours 30 minutes on average. I don't know how accurate that is. but I definitely can feel a huge difference with the new third battery that I installed. The OEM battery which I've had since I bought the MBA 13" needed to be serviced/changed coz it only gave me 1 hour to 90 minutes at best.

I will see how it does in 6 months, 1 year, 18 months from now. But I can't complain, it was only $70 plus tax. and I might replace my Macbook Air in 2-3 years.
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