Battery Case for 6?


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Mar 4, 2008
I didn't see a thread for battery cases.

I had the morphie for my iPhone 4. They do not seem to have anything for the 6 (yet)

Can anyone recommend a decent battery case for the 6?

I occasionally use the phone as a hot spot for my iPad and need the extra juice.


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Sep 17, 2012
For Mophie I'm guessing next year. They took a very long time when the 5 was released and then released the models months apart saving the best one for last. Bad business


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Oct 14, 2008
It usually takes a while for the battery cases to start appearing. I know with the 5, it was close to the 5s release before the Mophie was available. For me, at least so far, my 6 Plus has had impeccable battery life! I unplug it at 7:30 or 8 am and it's off the charger until at least 5:30 or 6. Yesterday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm it was down around 33% and that was with pretty heavy usage. Today, I forgot to plug it in last night so I left this morning at 88%. It is at 48% now. I love this phone!
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