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    Apr 3, 2012

    This is my first post :)

    Just curious if somebody has similar experience.

    I bought my 4s on Feb (new) and jailbreak (5.0.1). I use battery detective to monitor.

    My first time charge was 110%. If I charge using power adapter, battery health was down around 2-5%. If I drained until empty and charge using power cord, it down around 5-8%. The lowest I got is 88% (conpared to my 1-year ipad2 about 86%).

    But, if I charge using usb (from macbook & windows desktop), the health was increased significantly, regardless from empty or just "top-up". I've tried charge from usb iMac, the result is not as significant as macbook. The health now is 95%.

    Not really sure the reason, but it seems, the lower volt for charging, the better for battery health.



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