Battery charging in case & SIM CARD ?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by ballnluv23, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Just bought a new iphone 3G after the Macworld announcement! Finally! After so long of not wanting to pay an ETF, my contact ended Jan 4th, and I am now a proud owner! Two questions for you guys, and don't flame me, b/c I did do a search on this and was able to find some info, but not all:

    1. I read all about initial charging to maximize battery life. However, many users suggest not charging your iphone in its case (as it will make the iphone ever hotter during charging, and thus will affect the life of the battery as a result of the increased temperature). I bought the Seido Innocase II (recommended by many of you!). Does this mean that I have to remove the case every night to charge my phone??? Or will it be fine in its case?

    2. I'm a Verizon switcher, so I've never had a "sim card." Once I load all my contacts onto my iphone from "Contacts" on my Mac, and once I use the phone for email and SMS messaging, assume someone stole my SIM card and placed my SIM card in their phone? What information could they access (assuming they were putting my SIM card into their smartphone - Iphone, Palm, etc.)

    Thanks guys! Excited new iphone owner here!
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    1) The batteries are particularly sensitive to temperature. Excessive heat will cause harm to your battery and it's ability to hold a charge. However as long as the iPhone is not being used while it is charging I find that it doesn't really generate much heat, so you're probably fine leaving it in the case to charge as long as you're not actively using it for prolonged periods of time during charging.

    2) Unless you tell your SIM card to store contacts (and I'm not sure if the iPhone gives you this capability) no contacts are stored on the SIM card. The contacts are stored on the iPhone's own internal memory. If they stole your SIM card they would be able to place and receive calls using YOUR phone number though, so if you lose it report that to your carrier immediately.
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    SIM cards were invented to store contacts and easily transfer them to other phones, but the iPhone doesn't use it for this. It uses the phone's memory and iTunes to fill this role. All the SIM card does is allow the phone to communicate with the network.

    So the short version is, as an iPhone owner, just forget the SIM card even exists. There's nothing you need to do to it or know about it.

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