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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by iAdamator, Oct 7, 2015.

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    Hey all

    I have long wondered something, and with my purchase of a new iPhone recently, I thought I should ask about it.

    Is it ok or bad to charge your phone a little multiple times throughout the day? Does that use up one of the "Cycles" Li-Ion Batteries are limited to?

    As an example in my case, each morning I get up and use my phone a little, then when I drive to the train station, my phone is put in my car dock and is charged a bit during the 10 minute drive. Then I get to work and use my phone all day, and again on the way home, it's plugged into my car and charged a little while I drive home for another 10 minutes are so.

    Are those little charges hurting my batteries capacity life at all? And if it is, is it minor or significant?

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    Li ion battery capacity will diminish over time with capacity dropping to 80% of new after about 500 cycles.
    The battery does not just quit, it's' capacity to hold a charge reduces gradually during it's life span.

    One cycle is charge from 0 to 100%. Incremental charges are addative, such that five charges of 20% each is equivalent to one cycle. You can charge the phone at any time, from any charge level. All Apple chargers are approved for use with iPhones. Using the iPad 12 watt charger will cut charge times roughly in half. These chargers are well within allowable Li ion battery parameters.

    Apple has designed the phone to demand only the level of current from the charger it needs to safely charge the battery at any given charge state. From 0-70% the iPad 12 watt charger will charge at a one percent per minute rate. As the battery charge level increases, the phone automatically reduces the draw such that at 99% the battery is receiving only a trickle charge. You can safely leave the charger attached and the phone will cycle the trickle charge on and off, going from 99% to 100% and back repeatedly.

    Apple has designed the battery, chargers, and phone charging software to provide a safe charge regardless of the circumstance and in spite of best efforts of user to mess things up. YOU CAN NOT CHARGE THE PHONE INCORRECTLY.
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    This is a well said ELI5. I had always heard the talks of "unsafe battery charging" but this really clears the air. Thanks!
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    Its easy, never fear your answers at
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    Thank you for the feedback, I really appreciate the info. Basically sounds like charging my phone during those short trips in the car will cause no trouble at all!
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    I was talking to a friend about all this and just wanted to ask for clarity, me charging my phone multiple times a day at little amounts is not affecting my overall battery capacity?
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    From Apple:
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    Don't charge the phone if it's warm as this can damage the battery.

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