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    Batteries hold a charge (obviously) and when a battery is fully charged it takes a certain amount of time until the battery is dead. The more times a battery is recharged the less the battery can hold that same amount of charge for a certain period of time. Of the new laptops they state they have a 10 hour battery charge for up to 400 cycles and the old MacBooks (mines an 07) is rated for 300 cycles. A cycle is: the battery going completely dead than recharging it to 100%. That's one charge. Even if your battery goes to 80% then you charge it back to 100% this is only 1/5 of a charge. So before it comes to 1 cycle you need to charge it 80%. Hopefully this makes sense.

    My battery as shown in the picture has exceeded it's 300 Cycle Counts that Apple stated it would be good for. Once your battery exceed's this amount or the 400 amount it means your battery will drain quicker, heat can occur, even excessive heat to where it's uncomfortable to place a laptop on your lap, or even to hot to touch. Basically telling you to replace the battery. If you have extreme heat it is not always a cause of the battery but that is normally the first thing to create the heat issue.

    So this thread is about showing the pictures of your Cycle Count to see how long you are lasting.

    To get your cycle count do the follow:
    Click Apple Symbol in Upper left Corner
    -Click About this Mac
    -Click More Info...
    -Under the Hardware Tab on the left side click Power
    - Cycle Count is under Health Information

    Hold Command, Shift and 3 and it will take a screen shot that is saved on your desktop, post it up.

    Cycle Count.png

    other computer

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    Here's Mine:


    MBP was purchased August 28, 2009!
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    Ah yes I forgot to mention both of my MacBooks were purchased in Dec '07.

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