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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by 251920, Sep 23, 2009.

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    Can anyone tell me how does the battery cycle work?
    I mean, yesterday my MBPshowed me 5 cycles after beeing charged and then at 80% the counter moved to 6 cycles. The same day I plugged in my MBP to the charger at 1% (it said 6 cycles), it charged and today it showed 7 cycles, thats fine, but then the charge got down to 80% and the cycle counter moved to 8 cycles without me charging the machine. Isn't it suppose to get down back to 1%(the point at which I started charging it last time) befor moving onto the next cycle? That means that the 7th cycles lasted only 80% instead of 100%.
    Is my cycle counter broken or it there something I don't understand?
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    A cycle is a full battery charge. The cycle count can change at any given time, as long as the full 100% has been traversed.

    50% charge plus another 50% charge = 1 cycle
    99% charge plus 1 % charge = 1 cycle


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