Battery Drain: App running while OFF


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Jun 11, 2008
iPhone battery performance decreases after 2.1 update due to apps running when the phone is closed/ turned off (soft off).

The latest Bloomberg app continues to use an internet connection to pull news stories (though it needs to re-download them when you want to read them anyway...) after the phone is turned of IF you do do not go back to the home screen when finished using the app.

I expect other apps do this where they run while the hone is supposedly turned off.

Though I can see the benefit to this type of use (instant messaging), this kills my batterey life.

Remember, GO BACK to the home screen before closing the phone. Safari and the built in apps don't do this.

Does everyone know about this already??? Haven't seen this comment anywhere.


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Mar 15, 2008
Loveland, CO
I reported this to the Fat Free games people after I noticed that my battery performance was horrible if I left their Poker game running in the foreground when I turned off the phone. Apple spent a lot of time on ensuring that 3rd party applications would not run in the background, but they seem to have ignored the possibility that they might continue to run in the foreground when the phone has been turned off.
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