Battery drain from MS Exchange

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by vmalig, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Oct 21, 2010
    I am having this problem with my iPhone's short battery life due to MS exchange. I have been using MS Exchange in my iphone for more than a year now. At first, there was no problem and everything was running perfectly. My calendar, notes, and contacts are synced with my Google account seamlessly. However, I noticed recently, after the roll out of the latest iOS update using the cloud service, that my battery has been draining very fast. Before, one full charge would last more than a day. Now, I have to charge 3 times a day because my battery is immediately drained and my phone becomes very warm even at stand by. I identified exchange as the culprit because my contacts hang everytime I try to use it, as if it was constantly updating even without a wi-fi connection. Now I turned off my Exchange and my battery life has significantly improved. I hope somebody can tell me what to do on how to address this, if there is even a solution before the next iOS update. I hope I can use Exchange again without any issues because it is very convenient.
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    Sorry, I'm confused. Do you sync to Google using the Microsoft Exchange selection when you set it up, or do you also sync to a Microsoft Exchange server.

    Either way, I assume you are running 4.3.3? If this e-mail account was fine before the symptoms you are describing can be for a application issue or an upgrade issue (since I'm again assuming you didn't change the push settings). I'm not the search police but from the other threads on this type of issue the recommendation is to restore the phone as a new phone.

    I make this suggestion understanding you identified your contacts sync as the issue and all I can say is undo or repeat the last change you made which is the iOS upgrade.

    Good luck!
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    if u have e-mail push on and having trouble connecting to your e-mail server, your battery will drain last there's no tomorrow.

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