Battery Drain / WIFI ??

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    Hi Guys,

    I dont know if any one else has had this issue with their iphone but this is what happened to mine the other day.

    I had set the phones alarm to be activated at 7.00am and had chosen the alarm sound for it to use, then as I went to bed I put it on top of the radio alarm clock as a secondry alarm to make sure that it woke me up for work.

    However, the alarm did not go off at 7.00am and when I woke at 7.15am I noticed that the battery indicator screen was showing the battery level at 'red' status. The battery was fully charged the night before and the only thing that I can think of that may have caused the battery to drain right down was the fact that I had left the 'wifi' conection on.

    Would this possibly intefere with the radio alarm clock in some way?
    Or would 'wifi' drain the battery down to such a dangerously low level on it's own in just 8 hours?

    The following night I set the alarm again but left the phone at the foot of the bed away from the radio alarm clock with the wifi turned off and the alarm went off as it should with no excessive battery drain.

    Any ideas?
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    The radio acts like a "RF ground". It "attracts" radio frequencies, thats its job. Although the frequency range is far different, it can still pick up on the WiFi. To compensate, the iPhone may boost transmitter power. (ok, yes, this is a very basic leman description)

    Generally though the WiFi radio in the iPhone is off and in low power unless checking mail a lot, etc.

    I can not place mine on the palm rest of my PowerBook. Its drops the cell signal A LOT and scrambles the WiFi.

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