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    So, my iPhone 4 on VZW gets normal battery drain during the day. If I freshly charge my phone overnight then by the end of the working day I'm at 80%-90% remaining (8am - 5pm). When I go to bed (4-5 hours later), I'm usually already down another 10%. When I wake up at 7am if I haven't charged my phone overnight, my phone will have 1%-5% charge remaining. I already see that the drain picks up the moment I'm at home.

    Here's my wonder. While I'm only 10 miles outside a large town, the service in my house is spotty at best; I'm frequently showing as being on the extended network. Is the fact that it switches between 3G/Other (can't remember the term right now for whatever reason)/Extended causing significant battery drain? If so, is there a way I can turn off the cellular antenna and not wifi?
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    Yes, your excessive drain is caused by constant switching of networks, and you should be able to turn off cellular data through settings>general>network. There should be a button near the top. This button will turn off all data you get from VZW/other carriers While still keeping WiFi on. You could also try using Airplane Mode and then going back into WiFi and manually turning it back on.

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