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    Nov 29, 2010
    I am trying to install this fix from Sbingner to fix the battery drainage issue caused by redsnow hacktivation on OS 4.2 / BB 06.15. Following are the steps for installation. But I am stuck on the highlighted (Bold) part. Any idea what's he talking about? I can't find this "Stockify" program anywhere. I even got access to iphone file system using cyberduck but not sure if that's intended in his post. Any help will be appreciated.

    Add as a repo in Cydia

    Install "SAM" and "SAMPrefs"

    My custom stockify program - works on any phone 3.0+
    With SAM and SAMPrefs installed; install openssh and secure shell into your phone. Run "stockify" and it will revert your lockdownd to a stock lockdownd
    Reboot your phone

    Go to Settings > SAM and touch "De-Activate iPhone"

    Activate with iTunes
    If iTunes says invalid SIM, you will need to manually select the appropriate carrier under one of the methods besides "Automatic" and click on a SIMID.
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    At the iPhone hacks section.
    I think you have to deactivate it using the new version of redsnow.
    Then use S.A.M. to install the new activation tool.
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