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    I'm having an odd battery issue with my 32gb 3GS. There are times where the battery is working fine and then there are times that it drains real fast and then when put back on the charger it charges back up to 100% within 30 minutes. Last night I had a 100% charge around 1am. this morning around 6am I looked and I was already down to 65% of a charge. I hadn't gotten any email over night or used the phone at all... so I'm not sure why it drained so fast.

    But the oddest thing is there are times where the battery percentage gets stuck. For instance...

    just a little while ago it said I had 59% of a charge left. It was like this for a good hour, I talked on the phone and used some apps and everything. It didn't move from 59%. I turned off the phone and did a reboot and when restarting, it said I actually had 80% of a charge.

    Anyone have this sort of issue?

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    I've had this problem, but the only thing you can do short of a restore is perform a calibration of the battery (let the phone turn off then fully charge it).

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