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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by nalbagli, Jun 4, 2015.

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    I've had my new Macbook for almost a day now and absolutely love it, it's just amazing and have been using it for only light tasks but have experienced no lag at all, it's just as snappy as my old MBPR 15'.

    I've also loved how much the battery lasts I can go all day with no need of charging, for me it's important to keep my battery in a good state so I downloaded Coconut Battery but even when the computer is new it tells me my Battry capacity is only at 97%, is that normal?

    Another thing is which tips would you recommend me for my battery, I've searched a lot in Apple forums and here but have found contradicting tips, some say the best thing is to use it plugged as much as possible to keep battery cycles at the minimum, also I've read people saying you should never empty the battery etc, but others tell the opposite, so is there any kind of definite guide for taking care of my battery?

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    Don't discharge all the way to zero. Keep till 30% and then go plug in.

    Do you always keep your iphone plugged in ? Just use your laptop normally. Charge it when required, plug it out when you are travelling. Congrats on your new purchase. Enjoy !

    Cheers !
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