Battery life : 13" OLED vs Non Oled vs MB 12

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by c0mm0n, Oct 27, 2016.

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    I'm tempted to upgrade my current MB 12 to the new OLED 13 (or the new 13 non Oled)

    But there's something weird about the battery life, all three are given for a 10h battery life but :
    - MB 12 : 41wh and a 6W TDP (not sure about the TDP).
    - MB 13 Touch Bar : 49wh and a 28W TDP
    - MB 13 non Touch Bar : 54wh and a 15W TDP
    Not sure about the TDP numbers, but read that on different forums.

    So from this, I assume either the Old model will fail the 10 hours, or the non oled will surpass that largely, but I can't figure out how these 3 models can have the same battery life based on the specs.

    The Touch Bar model also has its OLED bar, to power and the Touch ID. This may be low, but still will pull some power at some point, especially under heavy usage ? Like when scrolling photos or so ?

    Am I missing something ?

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    Its not OLED. The screen is still LCD.

    Just the little touch bar is OLED
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    Yes it doesn't make sense that they all consume the same power.
    one theory that a member brought up here is that apple didn't want to write that the cheaper model will have a better battery life then the more expensive version.
    guess we will have to wait and see.

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