Battery Life better without push turned on.

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by danredwing, Mar 19, 2009.

  1. danredwing macrumors member

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    So, I've been browsing the forums to figure out why my battery life started to suck lately. It started around the time of the most recent firmware update which happened to be the same time that I started using Goosync to push calendar and contacts to my phone from Google using Exchange. I switched to Google sync a couple weeks ago.

    I've just been dealing with it for the last few weeks but finally got tired of it. After reading through the forums I came up with a few options.

    1. Turn off 3G
    2. turn off location services
    3. Turn off Push for email (don't have push for gmail) cancelled my MobileMe a few months ago.
    4. Turn off Push Calendars and Contacts
    5. Turn down screen brightness
    6. Go to Manual updates on Email

    Today I turned off push for Calendar/Contacts and set it to update every half hour. I was getting the 20% and then the 10% warning pretty close together about 12 hours after the last charge and then had to plug it in about 3 hours before going to bed. Usually 4-5 calls a day, 45 minutes of data usage, and 30 minutes of ipod play.

    After the change today, my phone is still going strong with 15 hrs on standby, 2 hrs, 20 minutes of usage and there is still a good 65% battery left.

    I'm probably going to try setting the email to check at 15 minute intervals tomorrow to see what happens. I can live without push Calendar and Contacts so that is not a big deal.

    So, I am pretty much convinced that Push is killing my battery. I'd love feedback.


    I don't know that I can give up 3G or location services, but I don't really need email instantly all the time. What is sort of confusing is that I thought push was supposed to increase battery life.
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    Push eats batteries, especially if you have 2 bars of signal or less for an extended period of time. Push maintains a persistent connection, so that uses more juice than checking once every 15 minutes.
  3. digbyp macrumors regular

    Jul 10, 2008
    I for one can advise I went through same process. Now have push set for 15 minutes, and everything else off and batery life has almost doubled.

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