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Jan 3, 2010
I'm wondering for those who have both a ssd and hd, or dual ssds, or dual hds, how much battery life do you think you lost compared to when you had a single hd or single ssd?

I have a data doubler in my macbook and get only about 4 hours of battery life on my mac (with very little video watching) just browsing news sites and email. I'm running mavericks and the battery is 4 years old at ~85% health. With snow leopard and a single hd (same 85% health), I used to get 6 hours battery life, but that was nearly a year ago. I'm not sure if mountain lion or mavericks is going to make battery life worse than snow leopard. I no longer use my macbook for work, so I don't need as much storage, and could put the doubler in an old mac mini which does have a very slow hd.

Do you think I'll gain an hour or two more battery life if I remove either the SSD or HD and put the dvd drive back in? Thanks.


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Nov 5, 2013
Have you enabled the option to 'put hard drive to sleep whenever possible?' SSD's consume very little power, and your HDD in the optibay should not be spinning up at all unless you are accessing data on it.
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