Battery Life Improves after "break in"

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Rob.G, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Jan 17, 2010
    I have an MBA11. I'll admit that at first I was underwhelmed with the battery life the few times I unplugged it. I got it mainly for its tiny size, so battery expectations were secondary anyway.

    I just spent four days at a conference in San Diego, and we had no AC power... so the battery had to last all day for taking notes.

    So for three days in a row, it would start the day with a full charge, and I would use it down to 15-20% of capacity by the end of the day, with careful usage... airport and bluetooth turned off, screen dimmed all the way to one bar, and closing the lid whenever there was more than a couple of minutes of non-use. I also turned on Airport from time to time to surf the net (via the hotspot in my phone). Calculated life would drop quite a bit when doing this, but always went right back up once I finished.

    On the last day (yesterday), I was surprised to see that the "calculated" battery life was quite a bit longer than it had been the previous three days. Previously, I was seeing 5-6 hours, which sounds about right given we were in the conference for around ten hours each day.

    But yesterday... I was shocked to see it start out at FOURTEEN hours. Not too long after it dropped to 12, then to 9... but then the drop got less and less.

    Basically I think because of three consecutive almost-full-drains, the battery is now good for two more hours than it was before.

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    Note that this doesn't improve the actually battery life hours, as much as it calibrates the MBA for your actual usage of recent full charge cycles, instead of worse case (lowest spec for a new battery, etc.)

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