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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by DJ88, Oct 29, 2007.

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    On thursday my perfect iPhone which I loved was dropped by my g/f and recieved a giant crack in it's screen (she will never lay hands on my phone again haha). So Apple amazingly gave me a replacement but it's battery life was horrible, in less than an hour I was getting the 20% warning. So I took it back and got another one. This one seemed better at work yesterday. I used safari on edge for a while but after about 3 hours of usage I was getting the 20% warning again. I was pissed.

    Today I decided to do a test and leave the phone playing music non stop to see if it would play 24 hours like apple said it should. Well at the 23 hour and 55 min. mark my iphone's battery was officialy dead so now I am confused. It met the benchmark apple said for music playing but 3 hours of safari edge usage and already getting the 20% warning seemed pretty low to me. Does this sound like a good battery? or should I take it back again.

    One thing I was also thinking is that since this is a brand new phone, week 41, could it be that the battery needs to be broken in or something?

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    Jul 24, 2007
    Well, the first problem is EDGE. EDGE drains battery life faster than just about anything on the phone. The iPhone is rated at about 6 hours of internet use before a dead battery, but this test was done using WiFi. EDGE should drain the battery a lot faster. It also depends on what all you are doing. Internet alone or email, Safari and YouTube. If you got 3 hours before the 20% warning I would guess you probably could have gotten another 30-45 minutes of EDGE usage before the phone died. If that is the case, your EDGE usage would be almost 4 hours which is about normal.

    Another thing to check is you screen brightness. Make sure you have auto brightness on and that you don't have the screen set at it's brightest level unless you really need it. The screen is big and uses a lot of power. Also try to set the auto-lock time to 1 minute so the phone does not continue to power the display for long when you aren't using it.

    It sounds to me like you are getting about the normal battery life. You might want to check it by talking on the phone a lot or using only WiFi for a day to see how long the battery lasts then.
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    Oct 25, 2007
    I would try to use WiFi as much as you can. Using edge sucks the life right out of the battery. I'm in college and am on my phone browsing facebook and sending emails during class and then work after. At first, I used EDGE which my battery would be down by lunch, but once I started connecting to the local wireless networks, my phone last all days. Including music while walking between classes and talking of course ;)
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    Yes...I was using Edge a lot yesterday and after about 4 hours my battery was down to about a 3rd (mine is a Jailbroken 8G week 39 on 1.1.1 brightness on auto, bluetooth off)...usually I can go all day before I even see half when I am surfing on a wireless network, checking email every 15 minutes, using the iPod and talking for about 20 minutes total...
    Edge is truly a battery hog...:mad:
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    Awsome, thanks for the replies guys. I always used to think that wifi was the battery drainer haha. Now I can sleep peacfully at night.

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