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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Hackintosh Sr., May 20, 2010.

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    Alright. I am tired of reading all the battery life complaints. Here is the deal. Download gfxCardStatus. Flip it to only use Intel HD graphics. Go through a full power cycle by charging your computer all the way and discharging all the way. Then shut up cause your battery is back to 6-7hrs.

    Also download ClickToFlash.What is that? Go to google/the website. You need to do it eventually stop being lazy.

    Screen resolution. Is the High Res too small of font? NO It really isn't. If you are old and have a hard time reading then get the normal screen. If you have decent eyes, the high res is totally worth it. When in doubt go to the freaking apple store and take a look.

    Is it worth the upgrade? Yes, if you have the money. Which one do I get? Type in SSD review in google.

    How many posts and how many times do these posts get answered? I just added to the list I know.

    I am just sick of filtering through all the posts:mad:
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    Awesome man. I hate the complainers here myself.
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    +1 you say it all =D>

    PS: this should be a sticky post!
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    Also, if you think something is bad for your computer, it's probably not unless Apple specifically says it is. Apple isn't stupid, but they assume you are, and design the computer accordingly. That's how they make things that "just work".

    Stop worrying about your computer's temperature. Unless there's something wrong, high temperatures won't damage the computer. There's nothing wrong unless your CPU temperature is above 100C. 105C is the temperature at which the CPU will start to throttle down, and the computer will shut off if the temperature reaches something like 125C. Apple designs their computers to run hot to keep them light and quiet and extend the battery life. If you don't like it, run SMCFanControl and don't complain about noise or battery life or premature fan failure.

    Speaking of the battery, don't keep asking what's best for the battery, or how to "preserve" the battery. The battery is there to be used, and not using it will likely shorten its life. But that doesn't mean you need to obsessively use the battery to get ever last cycle out of it. Modern Lithium batteries take care of themselves, and you can follow the tips on Apples website.

    Stop complaining about noises. Computers make noise, and Macs are quieter than most. Hard drives and fans are moving parts, so they make noise, and the electrical components can make noise too.

    If you are wondering about the i5 vs the i7, the i7 is almost never worth the money. The same with 512MB of video RAM. If you are a gamer, a MBP is not for you. Better upgrades are more RAM, a bigger hard drive (bigger=more dense=faster), or a SSD.

    Glossy vs Matte has been discussed in length many times before. I've never seen a clear winner come out of a thread, so I can only assume it comes down to personal preference. Go to a store and look at both, or find friends with each type and look at their laptops. You don't have to look at Macs if Apple don't have the particular screen type available in the store, just go to Best Buy and look at their laptops or LCDs or wall of TVs.

    I try to answer common question in the FAQ
    If there is a common question that hasn't been added or that I have not answered fully, feel free to add to/edit the FAQ. Editing is open to forum members, and there's no way I can do it all on my own. Just keep the answers accurate and neutral, please. Try to back up answers with a link, whether it's to a forum thread or an external site.
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