Battery Life. What to expect?


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Aug 24, 2006
For all of you macbook and macbook pro owners out there, what kind of actual battery life can one expect out of the machines? I know the apple website lists specs of what the machine SHOULD get, but what kind of battery life do these machines REALLY get? I am still going back and forth on which system I should buy and believe it or not, the battery life does make a big difference in my decision...I am on the road a lot and I dont always have a place to plug in my notebook! If you have actual average hours of use specs, that would be great! Thanks!!


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Aug 31, 2006
I'm hardly getting 2 hours on my brand new macbook. what can i do to increase it? havent calibrated it yet


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Oct 1, 2005
macwhack said:
havent calibrated it yet
Well that is the first thing you should do to improve the battery life. So MOVE YOUR ASS!!! as Scooter put it ;)

Further measures to improve battery life
1. Dim the screen
2. Turn off all unused features; wifi, bluetooth, usb fridge and so on
3. Set power management to Better Energy Savings
4. Limit stress on CPU by quitting all unused apps.

-> OP: My MBP get 4 hours under best conditions
(no wifi, no bluetooth, dimmed screen - well not doing anything at all)

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Jun 15, 2006
i have started just leaving my macbook plugged in, but i unplugged it just for this reply..

Currently running adium, and a couple tabs in firefox, with brighness at 5 squares, on better battery life, i get 3:35....its at ike 48 cycles and 93% of what it started out as...

I am happy with it, considering my gf's Acer barely gets an hour after being 1 year old.. :D