Battery Life worse depending where you are?

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    I love my iPhone 5. When I bought it last fall I was averaging about 8 hours of usage a day. Once I upgraded to iOS 7, battery life dropped dramatically. Maybe 2.5 hours usage total if I was lucky. That was expected for beta 1, but now we're on beta 5 and I'm still only averaging about 4 hours of usage a day.

    Whats odd is I'm seeing other people on MacRumors report 8, 9, 10+ hours usage with iOS 7! So I've been trying to figure out why my situation is different. Its the same iPhone... why the drastic change?

    The only thing thats changed is I moved from Miami, FL to Washington DC, right when iOS 7 was released.

    So now I'm wondering... has the move to DC affected battery usage? Is that even possible? Maybe LTE signals are not as strong up here so my phone is working harder in that regard? I dont even know if thats a real thing.

    At first I blamed it all on iOS 7, but now that other people are getting great battery life, I have to wonder why my phone is still struggling. I used to never have to charge my iPhone 5. It would last an entire day on 1 charge. Now I need to charge it more than once a day.

    I did notice that if I'm at home on wifi the battery drains much slower. Its when I head out into town where battery drains... and its draining FAST!
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    If its getting bad signal and struggles to connect and keeps searching for your carriers network then it will negatively impact your battery life.
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    That happens if you update to a newer software without restoring as new first. I have having bad battery life with ios7 too but then i went back to ios6 and restored it as new without restoring it from back up and then update to ios7 beta 5 and battery last abt 8-9 hours so. I just restored my contacts and pictures through icloud
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    Every user's case will be different. The apps you use that haven't been updated for iOS 7 won't multitask or background in an ideal fashion.

    Apps crashing (as they aren't updated for iOS 7) can cause errant processes. If these processes involve downloading over LTE you can see a dramatic hit.

    Look in Settings > General > About > Diagnostic and Usage. There exists a report for any malfunction; guarantee you see the same Apps over and over.

    Genius Bar would have you delete and reinstall problem Apps to improve memory and correspondingly battery life.

    My average on iOS 7b5 has been 7.5 usage and 20 standby.

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