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Aug 6, 2014
Chicago and Twin Cities
Is there a good way to test battery life in a 2018 loaded MacBook Pro? I got mine in January and have used it primarily while plugged in or on battery for a short time. The last couple weeks I have been traveling and trying to use the MBP via battery. I am getting about three hours. Apple support had me reset spotlight but that really didn’t matter. I was really only using mail and the web while traveling. Seems like the first few percentage of battery drain goes slow, from 100% to 90%, and then drops faster. When below 50% it drops quickly to 30%. The battery seems to hold a charge okay when on battery and cover closed

I would like to test it under some load but don’t want to use it for three to four hours to measure this. Any ideas?

Any idea on what could be causing this ? I read that others get six to ten hours just web browsing and email which is nowhere close to what I am getting


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Jul 30, 2017
Mine will last about two hours of intense full processor analytics and about 7-8 hours of being on, surfing the internet, checking email, short videos on YouTube, etc. Once the fans kick on at high speed, battery life is extremely limited.
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