Battery Log Released

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by TheSpaz, Dec 18, 2008.

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    The problem with this app, or any app not done by Apple, is that it can only collect data when it is running and it can only run when the user opens it. In other words, if you never open it, it never collects any data. So, for it to be useful, you need to open it on a regular basis so it can read the state of the battery on a regular basis.

    For it to be really cool, it would need to collect data without the user having to launch the app. I suppose it would be cool if you wanted to document a battery problem and you were willing to open it on a regular basis.

    Do you want to have to remember to open it on a regular basis? I am not interested enough in the battery data to want to do that...

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    Very valid points. I wouldn't want to have to open it all the time. I thought for some reason, that it reads some sort of log file that the iPhone creates by defaut (like the one that Preferences reads) and displays it in a chart. That would be more cool!
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    It seems like an application that is really well suited to being written for the jailbreak crowd instead of the app store....
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    Apple has a battery life log profile. That installs in your settings. And it logs your device until you sync with iTunes. Then you have to open the hidden folder. If anyone would like this official Apple ( Made by Apple) battery logging email me at

    And I will email the entire package. Which gives you instructions what to do.

    I got this email from the apple bug reporting team.

    U will gladly email it to you.

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