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    Nov 19, 2011
    A few days I posted this thread on reddit. Like many of you I'm experiencing extreme drain on my 4s (sprint).

    Well last night I did a little experiment. Before I went to sleep, I wrote down how much battery I have left. It was at 90%. Then I turned Airplane mode on. I don't usually do that, and usually I lose about 10-12 battery overnight. When I woke up my battery had gone from 90 to 88. (slept from 1am to 9am).

    Usually at home I have 1-2 bars of "extended" service. Regardless of provider, people have always had trouble getting service at my house with any phone. So I usually have wifi on constantly to get data.

    I've already been to the apple store and got a new phone. Done most if not all the fixes.

    What sort of usage/standby should I be getting at home under the following circumstances?:
    1. Light usage - some texting, tweets, facebook
    2. crappy service - 2 bars "extended", often searching for a signal
    3. wifi on
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    2% to 4% loss overnight is normal for me, even without airplane mode. Depends whether I remember to turn apps off.

    Searching for a signal is a big drain though. Found that out while traveling abroad. I'd lose 15% to 25% overnight until I learned to to turn airplane mode on, and then turn just wifi back on. (FYI: GPS still worked in rural areas, even without wifi or cell data)

    Bluetooth discoverability can also be a drain. It's not as bad as signal search, but you should still turn it off if you're not using it.

    And if you're using iCloud backups, Geolocation, and push notifications you should make sure they aren't doing behind-the-scenes stuff that you don't really make use of. I switched some things off, and dialed a few things back, and noticed some improvement.

    Under the circs you listed you'll see heavier battery usage, but only because of the signal searching. Take that out of the equation and you should have no trouble getting through the day with at least 60% remaining.
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    Nov 19, 2011
    What kind of behind the scenes stuff could the geolocation and push notifications be doing?

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