Battery percentage not decreasing

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Leonavice, Oct 24, 2013.

  1. Leonavice macrumors member

    Feb 14, 2013
    Anyone has this problem after upgrading to Mavericks?

    The battery percentage at the top does not decrease from 100%. This is after half an hour of browsing and youtubing. It's only after a complete restart that the battery refreshes to show 90%.

    Is this a bug or something? Currently using rMBP 2012.

    I've tried Mavericks on another MBA 2011, the percentage does decrease without reboot.
  2. mzuppiroli macrumors newbie

    Oct 24, 2013
    Same issue here. It seems to be blocked but it refreshes automatically after half an hour or so. I've used my MacBook Pro 15" 4 hours this morning.
  3. Valiedhiel macrumors newbie

    Oct 30, 2013
    This is a bug,I think. It decreases,but it doesn't show at the menu bar. When you click on, "Show Energy Saver Preferences" or the small button near your macbook,you'll see that it actually decreases.
  4. mahyar630 macrumors newbie

    Feb 26, 2014
    problem solved

    I had the same problem twice clean install of mavericks with an ADATA 8GB flash drive.
    the problem was with the unreliable installation media (my ADATA USB disk), I got it when I tried to make a bootable disk on it for windows and the flash failed.
    for the 3rd time I installed Mavericks with a TRANSCEND Flash drive and everything is fine now.

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