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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by DELINDA, Sep 30, 2009.

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    I have a laptop thats soon to run out of its warranty . I have apple care , my lap is only almost 3 years old . Bought it In 07 . i have 6mon's left on the apple care plan . Had to replace my battery on the maclap . I was having probs and called apple support . They directed me to take the lap in . When I explained my prob to service . The tech . stuck one of those memory sticks in my usb and said yup , your battery is done . They replaced it at no charge (I have the apple care package , due to run out in 6 mon's ) . What ticked me off was : apple new the batteries in this model year where defective (I was told by teck) . When i called apple support they said nothing about battery problems . So , the teck I talked to said the battery has only a one year warranty , but , because I have apple care it is covered . What would have happened if i did not have apple care ? Knowing the batteries where defective , would they have charged me for a replacement ? . Guess I will never know . Things worked out well this time but , what if ? It seems to me that what company's do is this . Wait . If the prob. rear's its ugly head we fix it - if not , wait till the warranty is out then charge for work done or part replacements. My other ? is this . What is happening with SL and PS cs 3 ? doe's it work or not ?
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    If the batteries were defective across a production run, they'd probably replace it within a year regardless of AppleCare or not.

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