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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sahni130, Sep 15, 2008.

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    Is it bad for my iphone 3g battery if i fully charge it everyday and fully deplete it everyday. will this shorten battery life? is it bad for the battery to sync the phone with my mac when the phone's battery is not fully charged. will it hurt the battery if i charge the phone but not fully, take it off charge and later charge it again but not fully, several times.
    thanks in advance
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    Everyday Charging
    #1 - Charge your iPhone throughout the day when available. Try not to let your battery fully drain, but if it does drain, it won't damage your battery.
    #2 - Use a wall charger or car charger w/ rated output 5V 1A. Computer chargers might not charge when the computer is in standby mode.
    #3 - Fully charging your iPhone overnight is recommended, even if you have a lot of battery life remaining at the end of the day.
    #4 - You cannot overcharge your iPhone. You don't need to disconnect the iPhone from the charger after it's done charging. Once fully charged, the iPhone will run strictly off of AC power and will not damage the battery.
    #5 - Every two months, make sure you fully charge and fully drain the battery, in one cycle. This calibrates your battery indicator. If you fail to do this, your indicator will become inaccurate.
    #6 - If you ever need to store your iPhone for any reason, make sure your battery is stored @ roughly 50% and in a cool environment.
    #7 - Use properly rated chargers. Using chargers that are not properly rated will have a huge impact on your battery's lifespan. Make sure your car charger has the same rating as the official Apple charger. The official Apple wall charger is rated as follows:

    Input: 100 240V ~ 50/60 Hz 1.0A
    Output: 5V 1A

    #8 - Always charge your iPhone out of its case (assuming you can easily remove the case). Charging your iPhone inside your case will make the iPhone hotter, which is bad for the battery.

    #9 - Charge your iPhone in a cool location. Charging your iPhone in a cool environment has a tremendous impact on your battery's lifespan. The colder the location you use to charge, the more charging cycles you can complete without your battery deteriorating. Avoid direct sunlight. DO NOT PUT PUT YOUR IPHONE IN THE FREEZER!
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    what??? i put my phone in the freezer every night before i go to bed. i want to keep it fresh and new smelling.

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