battery questions, "to do or not to do"

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    I found the thread on calibrating your battery icon here on the forums and it seemed like a lot of great information, however, i had some questions and wanted to see if anyone could verify or answer them in one way or another..

    first up, the list said to charge your phone every night, overnight. does this mean to charge it no matter how much battery you have left?

    second, charge it without the case as to not let it over heat...i've done this 2 nights in a row, but it's getting to be a pain. i have the incase slider on my phone and it can be a pain in the ass to take off.

    Should I follow that list to a t? anyone else have suggestions for battery optimization or saving battery life?

    here's a link to the thread for reference,
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    The post you link to is (obviously) highly technical that only a few select technerds will do.

    The iPhone contains a lithium ion battery. They are rated by the number of times they are significantly used up. Case to point, my original iPod, and my original iPhone still have a decent charge b/c I plugged them in all the time.

    For simplicity's sake, I bought the dock for my new 3GS, so whenever i'm at my desk (which is alot), its plugged in and I can see it propped up. Generally if you want to discharge it down to the red every couple of months, all the power to you, its not that big of a deal as the linked author makes it out to be.

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