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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Androidfan1x, Nov 28, 2012.

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    Oct 8, 2012
    [sorry this is too long but hopefully you'll read it :D]

    1. Is it bad to charge using my laptop's usb port? i heard that depends on how many things you plug in into your computer's usb ports the current/voltage (or whatever) may decrease & increase whenever it wants.
    2. should i use the aftermarket chargers on ebay? they're so cheap and don't look safe
    3. Battery level indicator/meter on my ipod touch is inaccurate?
    - i've been seeing this many times. it's "jumpy". this is what happened today: it was at 30%, i played infinity blade and asphalt 7 until it showed "20% battery low", i kept playing asphalt 7, a few minutes later i quit asphalt 7, turned on wifi and checked some stuff, then the battery went up from "red" to "white", so basically after i quit the game the battery level increased lol
    - i decided to drain it down until it automatically turns off, so i used until it automatically turned off, about 7 minutes before it turned off, i checked and it was 16%, and when it turned off it didn't show any second warning like "5% low battery" (my brother's ipad does, but i never used an ipod touch/iphone before so i don't know if this is normal?). look like at that time when it said 16% it actually only had about 3 - 5 % left.

    what i really worry about is question 3, why is it "jumpy", decrease when playing heavy games and decrease when i quit, using light apps?

    some addition information:
    - my device: ipod touch 5th black 32 gb
    - the percentage information above i get using voiceover feature (it speaks the percentage)
    - i bought mine about 3 weeks ago and today is the first time i discharged completely until it turns off, before i always charge when it's above 20%
    - i charge using my windows pc's usb port, never charged using wall charger, while charging i usually syncs a lot of stuff using itunes

    thanks again for reading my long post :D
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    Dec 14, 2012
    1. No . I have been charging my iPhone 4S from USB ports . It should be fine .
    2. As long as the charger output is around 5V --- 1.0A , it should be fine .
    3. This is normal . That battery is a prediction for what your are doing on your iPod touch right now . Maybe when you are playing heavy games , it show 45%. If you continue , it might show 30% in 20 minutes . But after you quit and let it rest for maybe 1 minute , battery will go back to around 35%. It's normal on iPod touch .

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