Battery replaced, now mic don't work

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    Nov 29, 2008
    So a few weeks back I had to replace the battery in my iPhone 5C as it was not holding charge anymore for a long time. So I picked up a battery from ifixit. I replaced that and then the lower microphone did not work anymore. After trying to check the internal I figured maybe I busted the MIC on the phone so I went and picked up a phone with a busted screen to be the donor for the microphone.

    So after taking the microphone from that phone to put into my I still didn't have a working microphone at this point i assumed it was the logic board that was toast.

    So I took my screen put it on the phone that had a busted screen, and the microphone still did not work. I find it hard to believe that both microphones are busted.. If I tap with my palm very hard where the microphone is I can hear it pick up some stuff but it sounds muffled.

    Can someone help me out here, the phone itself works fine if I put it on speaker phone, SIRI works, FaceTime works etc. Just the bottom MIC does not work. Voice memos don't record.

    Any help on this issue?
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    Were you grounded when you took apart your phone?

    I use to work security at a mall and this was a common problem with the kiosk.

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