Battery replacement - total incompetence

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by CaptSaltyJack, Aug 6, 2008.

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    ARGH! :mad::mad:

    I've been going on a crazy trip trying to get answers on getting my 1st gen iPhone battery replaced. Here's what's been going on:

    I called the Apple store. They said they can't actually replace the battery at all, they'd have to give me a new unit and charge me $149 or something like that (I'm out of warranty). I said BS, the Apple web site says I can pay like $80 and mail in the phone. They said ok, then call Apple Care.

    I called Apple Care, which has been frustrating (I'm still on hold). I swear, after EVERY damned question the guy asks me ("what is your address?"), I'd be put on hold for five minutes. Things are moving along fine, he says it's $70, they send a box, I mail the phone in, and so on. I'm on hold again after that. Then he comes back and says there's a problem, they can't do it for some stupid reason, and he asks if I've talked to the Apple Store. I said YES, I have, they gave me some BS about charging me $150 for a new phone. Now I'm on hold again for a product specialist.

    What the HELL is wrong with Apple? This is pure incompetence, I can't stand when they don't know their own damned policies!

    End of rant.

    EDIT: Hah, the rep says I'm the first call for a battery replacement he's had. I guess not many people have done this. Maybe that's why they're so confused over it. My battery isn't horrible, but it's not great, and I wanted to replace it with a new one before I sell my 1st gen iPhone.
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    The first option looks cool. But the second one...

    Uhhh no. ;) Me and soldering do not go together.

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