Battery same idea/implementation as new MBP 17

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by nph, Feb 1, 2009.

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    I was just thinking, is the new MBP 17 using the same battery only larger as the MBA or does the new MBP 17 use a more advanced battery technology?
    Since they both are non replaceable it makes sense and the 17 MBP should have at least 3 times the room for a larger battery which would explain the more than twice run time.

    What do you think?
    If it is a different technology used then why wouldn't Apple have used it for rev B of the MBA?
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    It's a more advanced technology although it shares some advances made in the Air's battery. Until the unibody 17 inch Pro I have not heard of any other notebook that has such a radically higher cycle life. The Air and everything else in the industry have batteries that last around 300 cycles before they degrade significantly. The 17 Pro lasting three times that amount is an industry first.

    As for why Apple didn't use it in the rev B we can only speculate. My guess is that they wanted to save it for their flagship machine. If the new 17 Pro didn't have it first, there would be less of a reason to buy it. The Air is already so niche in it's target market that giving it the new battery first would not significantly change it's sales numbers, which already are pretty low compared to the Pro machines.
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    I think the differences between the MBA and the MBA 2.0 were amazing. I think the MBA 3.0 will use this as a real reason for current MBA owners to upgrade. Apple has made the MBA a premium price point product. So the MBA will have a longer life battery. With the MBA, people are willing to pay more for ultra portability, and longer battery life is ultra portability. I also suspect the next MBA will get a glass trackpad, 256 GB SSD option, 2 GHz CPU, and my personal wish 4 GB RAM (in the high-end version).

    Really the MBA 2.0 is amazing, but double the battery life between charges and triple the number of recharge cycles would make me really want to upgrade now.
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    You've described my dream MBA 3.0. If Apple released something like that I'd be all over it in a heartbeat no matter the cost.
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    More Battery Life, I'm There!

    If Apple does MBA 3, and gives twice as much battery life and a 256 SSD, I'm in line!!!!! And 4 mg Ram, I'm defiantly in!!!!
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